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Possible Signs of Low Tone in a Child


-The muscles in their body appear to be less firm than usual.

-The child appears to be floppy and to have loose joints.

-The child appears to be less alert and have poor posture and attention.

-May be late learning to sit and walk – but not always.

-Has trouble sitting up straight and working at a table – tends to sit with a rounded back, may lean on one hand when drawing and writing.

-Has difficulty sitting still, tends to fidget, does not complete school tasks.

-Has difficulties with handwriting and drawing.

-May tire very quickly, does not like walking far, has trouble going up stairs.

-May be good at games that involve short bursts of running, but have difficulty with posture in sitting, drawing and handwriting – these tasks require sustained activity in the postural muscles.

-Sits between legs on floor (w-sitting), does not like cross legged sitting.

-Appear to have poor attention span or concentration, gives up easily.

-Cannot hang on the monkey bars, does not like climbing on the jungle gym, is fearful.

If your child presents with these signs, you should consider having them assessed by a physiotherapist.