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Remember – Exercise should never be painful

The exercises in this section are only examples of possible exercises for various stages of rehabilitation. The number of reps, sets and hold periods of each exercise will depend on your stage of rehabilitation, your strength and range of movement.

Please consult your physiotherapist before embarking on a rehabilitation program. The physio will advise you about the intensity, frequency, speed and number of reps of each exercise. The physio will prescribe the correct exercises at the correct stage in your rehabilitation program. A good rehabilitation program is tailor made to each specific person or patient.

The only exercises that work are the ones that you do!

Pec stretch 


Stand in a doorway with one leg in front of the other with your hands on the walls on either side.

Lean  forward through the doorway onto your front foot until you feel the stretch across your chest.

Keep your neck and spine in a line looking slightly downwards so that you do not strain your neck.

Horizontal Adduction stretch 

horizontal adduction stretch; p53

Stretch your arm horizontally across your chest.

Place your other forearm above this elbow and pull your horizontal arm toward your body

until you feel the stretch across the back of your shoulder and upper arm.

Triceps stretch

triceps stretch-front view; p99
triceps stretch-side view; p100

Place your hand behind your neck.

Push your elbow backwards with the other hand until your feel the stretch along the back of your upper arm.

Biceps stretch


Place the back of your hand on a counter (or table) facing away from the counter.

Stand with one leg in front of the other and keep your shoulders facing forward.

Bend both knees until you feel the stretch along the front of your upper arm.